The trip that was….

(This post isn’t exactly about Japan)

Well, It is a fact that I didn’t get to Japan in the blink of an eye. Of course there was a flight involved, and a long one that is.

I was lucky to find a flight that took off from my city. But there was a catch since I had to change the flight date because of some minor problems. And that catch was that I had to sit through 11 hours of transfer in Dubai’s airport. That was good news and bad news, but I had no choice.

Now the Dubai Airport isn’t at all what I knew about airports, it’s huge and very…. extravagant? Well, I don’t know a bigger word to describe what I was met with when I arrived there.

First of all. to get to the terminal I was supposed to depart from It took me a 15 minute bus ride inside the airport, then I landed into what seemed like a mega mall of exclusively expensive brands of whatever you can imagine.

This is only one part of one the 3 tobacco and spirit specialty areas.

Here is the other side. And that’s only one shop.

Of course I didn’t manage to get around this huge place so easily, this is where those came in handy. Dispersed among all the 3 elongated floors of the terminal, were these advanced touch screen maps. Very helpful if you are looking for somewhere specific, since just stumbling into what you are looking for is nearly impossible.

There are maps and there are maps…. and then there is this.

I used them only to find out that I have to take a train to a third terminal where my flight will be (yes a train). I admit I wanted to take photos of many things, but I was somewhat busy studying, because I had a test the next day, also I felt a little embarrassed of taking photos of the impressive bathrooms they have. So I will leave you with the rest of photos I took (Which weren’t all that much.)

The Ferrari shop….

One isle of one of the candy shops scattered around.

This Audi was advertised as a prize.

So was this Jaguar….

And for something different, this Harley-Davidson was part of a Jack Daniels contest.

There was also a small heritage museum

An M&Ms specialty shop

A Heinken lounge

And an electronics shop that puts all the ones I saw before to shame.

I wish I could have taken more photos, but I was so overwhelmed an worried to do anything.

The photos didn’t really show how big the thing is, but I only realized this when I saw them in Japan.

Also, there aren’t any photos of the Osaka airport, which is a real shame but I couldn’t really take any while lugging my huge bags, and finishing my paperwork.


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