First steps in Japan

So, I arrived to Kansai international airport. Also a huge airport where everyone spoke… Japanese? Everything in this airport went really faster and smoother than I expected. Registration went fine and so did customs.

Now came the great challenge, I have to get to my home, in a place I know nothing of but maps. So…. time to play foreigner. I already knew that I had to take the Nankai line, then switch to the subway (Which is another story by itself.)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia, but that’s the train I got on.

Nipponbashi station courtesy of Wikipedia

Well everyone was very friendly, and I managed to get into that train above (with the huge luggage that is), and then I got out in Tengachaya subway station. The next step was to take the subway, which took me some time to find, but in the end I managed to get to Nipponbashi station, which is a nice station and is one of the entrances to a very large shopping area, only to be met by another challenge.


Remember I had two large suitcases…. Credit to Panoramio user DVMG

But then, out of nowhere, a middle aged salary man offered to help me carry them, which really creeped me out in the beginning, but I had no choice. He was stronger than I thought he would be though (thanks Ojisan ^_^ )

In the end I managed to meet the land lord and get to my room, which is small and Japanese styled, with tatami mats and futon and all, but it’s not as bad as I thought. I also like that it has some nice facilities (microwave, air conditioning, free internet)

Here is the old building 🙂

Kitchen, everything in one place…

And that’s all there is (except the futon)

Now I’m almost settled in, I’m starting to like the place, but still can’t get used to the tatami mats, but that isn’t causing me much trouble either.


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