Fangirl/Fanboy shop??

On one of those days I went to Namba, I accidentally took a turn in one of the side streets, which are a little quieter than your regular walkway and landed upon this shop.

Art box? More like fangirl/fanboy box ^_^

The shop as you can imagine is dedicated to all print things concerning idols (boys and girls). The shop was small and packed (I couldn’t take pics inside because of the workers) but you could order prints with the photos you pick from their catalog (There are hundreds of them mainly AKB48, Golden Bomber, and other new bands, some of which I don’t know)

You can order those fans, pins, cellphone charms among other things.

Unfortunately they didn’t have any Kiyoharu pictures, the lady didn’t know him, but another older employee did. I would have actually liked a Kiyoharu cellphone charm.



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