The vending machines take over Osaka

I had heard a lot about the abundance of vending machines in Japan, but I didn’t really expect what I was about to see. All I could think of was that if a form of robot was going to take over Japan it’s going to be vending machines, not Gundams, not Mazinger…. Vending machines.

Some have regular drinks, varying between soft drinks, cold coffe varieties and cold green tea.

And some have other vending machines to keep them company (Makes me wonder if they discuss taking over Osaka while we sleep)


This one has ice cream, but I didn’t try it.


Some are more hardcore and sell beer and liquor

Just for the record the large kanji on the machine (酒) means liquor generally, so any place that has it probably sells liquor.

This one is in front of a liquor shop, in the street where I live.

There also ones that sell many types of cigarettes.


They usually come in pairs and the shop between them is mostly related to them, but I haven no clue about the schedules of the said shop.

Apart from ice cream I haven’t seen any other snacks, but that is maybe due to the fact that the Japanese don’t eat on the street, but if you need a snack there are convenience stores (mostly referred to as ‘Conbini’) everywhere.



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