Japanese soft cream~

Even though many of the things on the internet about Japan are to be taken by a grain of salt. The elusive weird flavored Japanese soft creams (ソフトクリーム) do exist, and even at the smallest shop I went to, there was at least one flavor or two that I found weird, like grapes or black sesame.

The popular Matcha green tea and vanilla flavor, even the smallest stand has this one.

The taste wasn’t exactly as sweet as you would expect from an ice cream, but it still has a nice distinctive flavor (if you like Matcha tea that is.)

This one was from a bit more expensive shop, it had a different cone, an hearty dose of corn flakes at the bottom and was Honey and Lemon flavored.

And although both of them had a different feeling to them, I’d like to have them again (even though I don’t think I will be going to Shinsekai again soon)


9 thoughts on “Japanese soft cream~

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      • International countries always have unique flavors for products; it’s so great!
        Anyways, I know there’s an Asian Market within driving distance of my town. I’ll have to check it out.
        But soft cream is different from ice cream, right?

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