The curious case of Japanese ladies’ room

I didn’t really feel comfortable taking photos of a bathroom. It felt so embarrassing. but no one saw me so what the heck.

First of all, every time I get into one, I thought I had gotten into the disabled stall. It turns out all of them have those hand rails (imagine me getting in and out of many stalls, people must have thought I was cocky not to like their lovely clean services).

The ambient lit stall is usually more spacious than the ones I know, and there has been toilet paper each and every time. There are also automatic flushes with infra red spots and automatic garbage disposals. Well, not all of the restrooms are as high-tech over there, but one thing for sure, they are clean and have rails for disabled people.

First of all I don’t know why there was a map.

Then I was greeted with this place, just for make-up fixing (Most places I have gone to have them in the ladies room), they must have known how annoying it is for people who just want to was their hands.

And then the elusive Japanese washlets.

More buttons that your average toilet, eh?

Sensor equipped flush, feels like Sci-Fi


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