Shinsekai? How the blazes did I end up here?

First off, you should have seen the look on Mr. Kurosaki’s (he’s a friend’s husband) face when he heard I have been to Shinsekai. Second, I didn’t intend to end up there. Well, you know these times when you take one wrong turn and end up somewhere really different. That’s exactly what happened, on my second trip to Den Den town (really sorry about those pictures, Will get to posting them.) There was a large a crossing and from far away I saw this.

Well, it is a popular building in Osaka, I didn’t know better.

And as the curious Mochi that I am I decided to get closer to see that “Shinsekai Tower” from closer, which may have not been that good of an idea (The fact that I didn’t have a map or GPS also helped, If I had known).

I was greeted by this weird shop, that sells cheap toys, which was something I didn’t really expect.

And then this one, which had a sign saying photos are welcome…. why?

That’s the inside of the shop, I took the picture from outside, I didn’t even want to find out what kind of shop it was.

I soon got distracted by this building which reminded me of pigeon towers back home.

There were many traditional sweet shops like that, but I didn’t feel like entering them, there was still something seedy about it.

General view of the place, somewhat different that most other places.

I don’t know what ethnicity this ethnic shop is, since all the labels were in Kanji.

The Shinsekai market sells lots of things I didn’t see anywhere else, pretty traditional, and somewhat out of the loop.

There were being sold, not as souvenirs, in a shoe shop 🙂

I think it usually has more open shops than this. but it was a Sunday (I don’t think I will go again to check though)

What is this I don’t even….

Then suddenly a Yamazaki bakery (which is a popular bakery chain in Japan, for obvious reasons), but what is it doing here?

The ice cream from the earlier post was from a stand right out of the Shinsekai market.

And although I didn’t meet any yakuza or hooligans, the place had an uncomfortable air to it, and there were places of questionable nature that I didn’t really want to risk taking photos of.


3 thoughts on “Shinsekai? How the blazes did I end up here?

  1. Great blog post! Reminds me of the first time I went to Japan and was walking around Shinjuku and stumbled into Kabukicho (red light district) by accident.

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