The huge signs of Dotonbori

Somehow people usually associate Japan with small things, small houses, small food portions, small…. erm, never mind. But in Dotonbori, it looks like small isn’t an option when it comes to signs and mascots on shops, in fact most of them are actually huge.

Huge sushi

Huge Gyoza (chinese dumplings)

Huge mechanical octopus (sign for a Takoyaki shop) Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

That huge octopus was the mascot for the shop where I got the Takoyaki mentioned here.

Huge mechanical crab (the legs move and it’s somewhat creepy)

Don Quijote (Name of a shop not the character) logic: Why have just a huge mascot when you can have a whole Ferris wheel.

Although I go to Don Quijote (Shortened Donki) all the time, I have to admit that there is no logic at all in there. They do have everything, only for the patient enough to find it.

And let’s not forget the huge Glico guy, which has become one of the symbols of Osaka.


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