Umbrellas, umbrellas everywhere.

Well, today is my birthday, so I decided today’s post would be about something that people who know me associate me with (No, not Star Wars)…. well, umbrellas.

From katana and Bleach jokes, to downright creepy “Another” jokes. Many people who have met me know that umbrellas were important to me, I owed them a lot for not getting sick in the rainy winters. So when I came to Japan, I was surprised by the amount of umbrellas, since it wasn’t winter, but soon enough I knew the answer and had an umbrella of my own.

Of course the most popular umbrella is the clear one you find in convenience stores.

Somehow I never took a picture of them, so I got one online 😦 Photo courtesy of Flickr user 246-You

The 3 coin shops have a nice variety. Mine is black like these, but as tall as the ones in the back.

The people who already know me know that I have to have a non fold-able black umbrella ^_^

Don Quijote (or just Donki) has a variety of samurai ones, along with many other tourist appealing things, it’s easy to understand since this one is in a touristic area.

More of them in the ninja themed shop 🙂


More and more umbrellas (these are ones in a cute stationery shop)

And although some people here use foldable umbrellas (like the ones below in the last picture) they don’t really stand a chance in typhoon rains, so it’s perfectly normal to see people with long umbrellas all the times.


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