Everything is better with strawberry

I don’t really know why but there are a lot of strawberry flavored things in Japan, from milk to mochi almost everything has a matcha green tea version and a strawberry version.

Bistro SMAP x 7-eleven strawberry jam mochi. Too bad I ate the one I had before taking a pic.

Then there is the “Ichigo milk” made famous by Gintoki Sakata, the protagonist of the comedy anime “Gintama

It’s real, and tastes great. But Gintoki doesn’t shop in the supermarket I go to,

Another variant from 7-11 which is also so good.

Strawberry Kitkats are one of the most popular Japanese kitkat flavored (I don’t know where the ones weird ones I saw on the internet are)

Strawberry Pocky with heart shaped sticks, could this get any cuter?

Mister Donut, a popular donuts’ chain, offers strawberry flavored ones.


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