A tiny bit of Halloween

I didn’t know Halloween was big in Japan, many places have decorations, of Halloween corners decked in Orange and black, with the little bats and pumpkins and tacky costumes. Some shops went as far as dressing the cashiers in Halloween costumes. But since places in Japan have a ‘No photography’ thing, I missed many of them, but here are a little bit I managed to capture,

Somehow many of the decorations are so cute, it’s still in Japan.

Sweets and Halloween always go well together.

Can’t tell if they are spooky or cute ^_^

East meets west, Origami Halloween decorations at a local bookstore.

It’s probably always Halloween in this shop (it’s a stage makeup supply shop) but these days it’s extra Halloween-y.

There is also that creepy guy with a head that rotates 360° and doesn’t seem to want to appear in any photos.

I actually like how the Japanese celebrate things that have nothing to do with their culture, it’s just so cheerful 🙂


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