Anime, anime and more anime (In Den Den Town)

Well, the problem with Den Den Town is that most of the shops don’t allow photography, there are those ‘Camera in a stricken circle’ with no photography in Japanese and English most of the times, and at that time I didn’t have a cellphone, so sneaky pictures weren’t an option. (But if I go again it will be)

But this shop which was labeled “Video and DVD” and which name I can’t really remember didn’t have many clerks running around and I could take some pics in the….. Anime isle 🙂

When I said isle, I meant this and two others like it, more anime than meets the eye.

One Piece is ever so popular, Everywhere….

Katekyo Hitman Reborn? I didn’t know it was still there.

The legendary Death Note on blue ray, with a legendary price tag.

And Hakuouki for the otome fangirls.

There must have been any anime you could name in that shop (except I didn’t see Hellsing anywhere, as if I was going to buy it anyways.)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take more pictures, as the middle aged men appeared to look at the pretty anime girls, so I left the shop, but I guess that I can now tell people who say that anime isn’t as popular in Japan as we think, that they are mistaken.

For those who don’t know the animes in the pictures:

One Piece

Katekyo hitman reborn

Death Note



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