Nostalgia in Den Den Town

I don’t know about your country, but if you were an 80’s or 90’s kid in Egypt you probably watched this anime, before even realizing what anime was. We all watched the same things growing up (there was no cable TV or equivalent at the time).

About 20 years later I discovered, that what I watched was a dubbed Japanese anime from the late 70’s. I am talking about Mazinger Z

I haven’t watched an episode of this show since I was 6 or 7. But, I knew that Mazinger was still somewhat popular around Japan, and then, while I was walking in Den Den Town I met these.

Grand Mazinger

And the original Mazinger Z as we knew him.

I admit that I felt really nostalgic at the time, even though now I am not really a Mecha Anime fan, but this felt so special to me, it was a childhood memory. I can’t imagine how happy 5 year old me would have been if she had seen it.

And now for more nostalgia


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