Random Japanese foods (Chocolate edition)

I like sweets, I have always liked them, even though I liked salty stuff better. So, going to a new place always get me curious about their sweets.  Japanese sweets at the supermarkets aren’t as varied as the ones you see in some other places (you should go to a shop like Marushige which is a candy shop, or find one of the sweets carts in malls). They are also less sweet than other places.

Note, that these chocolates are regular ones I picked up a the supermarket and Don Quijote (why do they have to spell it like that).

Milky, a milk chocolate with a milk center.

And of course it wouldn’t be Japan without at least one chocolate filled with Matcha green tea mousse.

This one was assorted with the 4 flavors on the box and were sweeter than the other two.

What I have noticed too, is that the packaging is always so elaborate. even if they are cheap types like these. There are many that I haven’t tried yet. but I will probably post about them when I do.


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