Random Japanese food (Traditional edition)

Well, there is another side to Japanese sweets, the traditional ones, the ones made from rice and green tea and red bean paste (Like the Taiyaki from this post), and these sweets are found almost everywhere, of course they vary in size and quality, but the ones I got never disappointed me.

Mitarashi Dango are mochi (rice cakes) with a thick sweet soy sauce. It was the first Japanese sweet I tired.

This is another variety available at 7-11, it’s a little sweeter than the above one and isn’t skewered on a stick.

Sakura mochi, which is mochi with a sweet bean paste filling, wrapped in an edible cherry blossom leaf.

Even though the photo doesn’t seem appealing, these green tea and walnuts mochi were really soft and delicious.


2 thoughts on “Random Japanese food (Traditional edition)

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