Mochi goes to the Pokemon center

This post is about the Pokemon center in Osaka, so it will have lots and lots of Pokemon themed products, if you don’t like Pokemon, then this post isn’t for you.

The Pokemon center is located on the 13th floor of the Daimaru Shopping District, right out of the Osaka JR sataion. And as the name suggests it’s a shop dedicated to official merchandise from the popular Nintendo/GameFreak franchise with hundreds of monsters.

With posters like that, there was no way I was lost, even though it was my first trip to Umeda.

I was greeted by this display when I first got out of the elevator.

Since the shop isn’t really an enclosed space, this was one of the walls used to define it.

Pokemon as far as the eye can see, and customers of all ages too. Also the area has fight zones for 3Ds and bonus Pokemon you can win in the game.

Even the ceiling is full of Pokemon.

Cute Pokemon plushies by the load. (Pictured: Bulbasaur)

Can Mewtwo be any cuter? And then there are the sleeping Pikachus in the back.

Speaking of Pikachu, who could resist those smiling faces.

Pokemon bags of many varieties.

Pokemon stationery.

Pokemon bento (Japanese packed lunch boxes) supplies. (Pictured: Chopsticks)

8-bit art goods, faithful to the older Pokemon games (Pictured: Notepad)

There are even Pokemon biscuits in lovely tin boxes suitable as Omiyage (souvenirs)

At this point, I took a turn and thought I had accidentally left the shop, when I was met by the area in the next photo.

The area dedicated to the ghost Pokemon has an elegant Gothic feeling to it, with subtle Pokemon hint, and cute Gothic girl customers. (I couldn’t resist buying one of the pens from that area, I really liked the bag though)

And since Pokemon is originally a Nintendo game, there was of course a variety of game related things.

This poster advertises the downloadable version of Pokemon X and Y.

You can pick up one of the cards to buy the physical version of the game, anime DVDs, or even a 3DS or 3DS XL to play them on (but the special edition ones were sold out.)

But you can still make your 3DS Pokemon themed with all these 3DS accessories.

I could go on and on about this shop, I mean I had spent about two hours there just looking at the merchandise. If you are a Pokemon fan in Osaka, be sure to give it a look.




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