First of all, I don’t know about where you come from. So, for those who don’t know (just like me when I first arrived here) a Gachapon ( or Gashapon) machine is a type of vending machine where you insert a coin (or two, depending on the sticker on the machine) and you get a small toy in a capsule. These toys are mostly small collectible figures, cellphone charms, trading cards, and on rarer occasions, more specific things (Like the Pokemon 3Ds Styli found in the Pokemon center.)

The prizes are usually themed around a popular anime, game, character, and sometimes band. And are generally of good quality (at least all the ones I have seen), And Gachapon machines are found nearly everywhere, but mostly around toy shops, game centers, and in Den Den Town.

This was the very first time I saw them, in a game center in Namba

Sometimes it’s just a couple of them, and there is always a basket to dispose of the capsules. Unless you want to take them of course.

A couple of band themed ones, next to other band merchandise in Q’s mall. (Why aren’t there any with the bands I like?)

If I can ever remember where in Q’s mall that one was, I’d go and try it right away, just look at the cuteness.

The next ones were found in the shop from the “Pokemon Center” post.

The ones in the Pokemon center were of course Pokemon themed (they had cellphone charms, 3DS styli, and collectible figures.)

This one has random Pokemon TCG cards (also in the Pokemon center)

These next two were taken in Den Den town, outside a shop specialized in… uh…. fangirl stuff

All of them were “Free!” themed (pins, cellphone charms, etc…)

More “Free!” themed ones.

Then, there are sometimes when the Japanese don’t know when to call it quits, and stuff like the next ones happen (These were taken in Bic Camera, a multi-floored electronics’ shop on the toys and games floor.)

There were less than 1/4 of the total number in the “Gacha corner” in Bic Camera.

They extended to the guy at the end of the image, but I couldn’t get closer since you aren’t supposed to take photos in Bic Camera.

Well, with the insane amount of machines, it was very difficult for me not to try them at least once. I picked one that distributed citrus themed charms, and here is the one I got.

The amount of detail, I don’t even. It was more of a ball chain thing so I added it to the zipper on my pencil case.


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