The little shop of Ninja

There is a shopping mall near my school called Q’s mall (that’s somewhere in Abeno), it’s a large shopping mall, where you can easily get lost (which I did on the very first time I went, and couldn’t get out at first, I guess this is why they have a stack of floor maps at the entrance).

So in this Q’s mall there is this shop, a ninja themed shop.

It even says “Ninja” on the sign. Defeats the purpose of being a Ninja.

An assortment of shakrams, ninja headbands, and other things.

Rubber shurikens of many shapes.

The shop ladies were also dressed like ninjas, complete with tabi socks (Unfortunately doesn’t appear here) and rubber kunai.

The lady of course asked me if I liked Ninja and was surprised that I preferred samurais. And I was surprised to see a shop like that in that mall, because I didn’t think it was a very touristic place, but it was a fun encounter.



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