Nara and its deer

Other than the temples, Nara is famous for its deer (Even the city mascot “Shikamaru-kun” (which is a play on words since shika means deer) is a cute rounded deer)

A large sticker at the information desk in Nara station.

And the live version. I never thought a person in costume was anything but creepy, except for this one.

In Nara park, the deer roam freely among the visitors, and you can feed them special cookies, and pet them.

Deer aren’t scared of visitors, they don’t mind them at all, even the kids.

If you have the magic cracker, they’d come running to you. (Literally, they can recognize them from far away.)

The little feathery friends live peacefully with the deer.

They just get so close and don’t mind cameras.



One thought on “Nara and its deer

  1. Absolutely love Nara! Visited in 2010 and our kid was enthralled with the deer especially. It’s cool how the deer mascots are practically everywhere!

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