Pocky day~ (Extra post)

I know that today is Remembrance day, but is some subcultures…ahem, ahem…. it is also Pocky day, since 11-11 looks like the beloved stick style snack. I have heard about Pocky day before, but I never thought it existed outside of the internet. Until a few days ago.

I stumbled upon this cute sign in front of a big pharmacy near my school.

First, yes there are lots of candy and random things in drugstores here (Not sure how it is where you come from, but where I come from, we don’t have all that stuff in drugstores, just the drugs).

Then, what the sign says:

(“みんな大好き” = Minna daisuki) means that which everyone loves.

(“ポッキ-プリッツの日” = Pokki-Puritsu no hi) means Pocky and Pretz day (Pretz is a salty variety of Pocky also made by Glico).

And under the lovely sign, there was a stand with a large variety of Pocky and Pretz.

Nice selection of flavors.

I couldn’t resist picking some up, there is something always inviting about these Pocky sticks.

I picked the original one and the strawberry one from that drugstore, but the double berry one I had from before.

Do you celebrate Pocky day? If you do, tell me what you do on that day.

If you don’t, tell me what flavor of Pocky do you like.



3 thoughts on “Pocky day~ (Extra post)

  1. I want to taste that Pretz stuff. Why didn’t you get any?
    I’ve only tasted – imported, duh – normal chocolate Pocky, but I guess you already know that. Ah, we also had the plain one, right?

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