Lost and found in Japan

Like all the posts before it, I have to say that I don’t know how things work where you come from, but this blog is my point of view.

Also, this is more of a story than a photo post, I did include a photo of the lost and found office from the story though.

I am not really familiar with the concept of lost and found, when something is lost, it’s lost. So last month, I lost my subway pass in Q’s mall (I spend more time there than I’d like to admit) and I only discovered that in the station, so I went to the lady who had issued it and told her. There was really nothing she could do, and it was gone for good. That meant that I lost the two remaining months subscription.

The lady was kind enough to tell me to contact the lost and found office in the station, but at that time I was sure that I had lost it somewhere else. So, in the end she told me to tell the police, and that was it.

Having read a lot about Japanese people being honest and returning things, I took a shot in the dark and went back to find the lost and found office in Q’s mall.

Q’s mall information center complete with cute girls in hats.

So the cute girl in the hat asked me when I had lost my card, and then told me to wait, then in minutes she appeared back, and surprisingly she had it. She asked me for proof of identity and what line my card was valid on. then I signed a little paper and I was off.

Well, it was my fault that I had lost it, but it seems that the stories were true; Lost things are found in Japan. I hope I don’t have to test the theory again though.


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