Shitennoji temples (pigeon edition)

I admit there are many posts I have been stalling many of the post I have to do, I just wish there was an option to insert many pictures at once (Well, if there is one please explain to me in the comments how it works.)

So I had been to Shitennoji (The temple of four kings). It’s not so far away from my school, so I did go for a long walk there (There were some areas that didn’t allow photography though). Other than the temples, statues and the surprise used book sale, there was something else that caught my attention… the pigeons.

There are lots of pigeons and they are not afraid of people, even thought feeding them isn’t really as popular as in Europe.

Unfortunately, the camera can’t capture the colorful reflection of their feathers (pictured: Purple).

This water is usually used by the temple visitors for purification, but the pigeons have found a shelter from the heat in the fresh water.

More pigeons come to freshen up (you can tell how close I was by my shadow, but that was no problem to them)







3 thoughts on “Shitennoji temples (pigeon edition)

  1. Add media, select files, then when the window pops up, go to the folder where the photos are, drag your mouse and select them all, then click open.
    I just did it this afternoon and it worked with me, hope it helps.

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