One piece Gomu Gomu no Mi Melon pan

(This post is dedicated to my friends back home who love One Piece and actually pointed this out to me.)

One Piece is still so popular in Japan, it is actually the most popular show right now with a huge range of products. Anything you can imagine you will find a one piece version of.

So, during a promotion with 7-11, a popular combini chain, they have produced a One Piece themed pastry snack. The snack in question is made to represent the Gomu Gomu no Mi a fruit from the One Piece universe that apparently makes the eater’s body able to stretch like rubber (I don’t really know, I never watched One Piece, but I guess it’s time to start.)

The ad was there before the actual product. Also each one has a collectible sticker.

Then one day I found them ^_^

I picked one up, it had a Chopper sticker. Also the stem is printed on the bag to imitate the fruit from the manga.


Okay, no. Food photography is so difficult….

The filling wasn’t much, but it somehow thickened and became more in the microwave (Not pictured, and I don’t want to know how)

So, this was a sweet melon bread type pastry with a blueberry jam and whipped cream filling. It was sweet and tasted like blueberry jam (obviously) and I think I would buy it again, while it’s still available. And no, it didn’t make me stretch like rubber after all, and that was a little disappointing.


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