Food courts in Japan

So, food courts aren’t really a new invention, they’ve been in malls for a while now, and have always been a place I avoided.

With their oily junk food and screaming kids (at least where I am from) I’d only stop for a take out pizza, or the occasional Burger King meal (I wonder what Burger King is here)

Those say there is no Burger King in Osaka, should explain this to me (Photo taken in Namba).

But let’s get back to food courts, well apparently the Japanese still had to put their touch on the food courts as well, here you will not find fast food, paper trays and plastic cutlery. The fast food joints were replaced by Japanese food shops (for example ramen and udon noodles, and donbori the Japanese rice bowls) with the exception of Mos Burger, which I wouldn’t really call junk food if you see the burgers they make. and the plastic trays (these are the only thing that I found familiar) now contain ceramic bowls to hold your hot food, that you have to return at the end of the meal.

Almost all the shops sell Japanese food (except when they sell pasta or Korean food, but that is one shop each)

There also ice cream and crepe shops which are actually good. It’s where I god the second ice Cream in this post.

And then there are a few of these stations which combine a sink to wash your hands, a water fountain (for the infinite free water) and a trash can, complete with a separate area for the ice. The friendly frog reminds you to return your tray (and the non disposable bowls and stuff) to the shop when you are done.

Of course since I am no good at taking pics when people are around, I didn’t take more, but what surprises me even in the crowded times is the lack of screaming children running everywhere, I actually enjoy eating there.

Also this particular place is a regular hangout for high school kids after school hours, but it is still quieter than the average food court.




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