Let’s take the subway

This is the first time I get asked to post about something (although the requester didn’t use the request page, but it was my first request) I decided to talk about the subway station. The subway lines in Osaka aren’t as complicated as the ones in Tokyo, but they still reach many places. The example in this post is the station near my school, and since it only has one line passing through it, it is a little more simple than the others.

First off, there is a map of the subway stations in every entrance of the station, with your station highlighted, and the prices to other stations. Each line had a different color and when you have a station with many lines, the colors are always used to indicate the lines on gates and other signs.

Since you know the prices already. You get your ticket by inserting the right amount of money (or more) in the machine and picking the value of the ticket that you need (unfortunately at this time I used my train pass, the one I lost once in this post. so I didn’t buy any) Also since this is a fairly quiet station, there are only 2 machines.

The platform with 2 ways. the screens indicate if a train i coming, and so does the sound system (I don’t know what happened to this picture).

The subway is here (shutter was a little slow, that’s bad)

The sound system announces which train is coming to which station, and in the bigger stations they announce in Japanese and English.

The electronic gates (since my phone ate the other picture), and then since this is one of the bigger stations (we arrived to my home station) you will find these signs telling you which line is from which gate. as well as the way to the gates.

Well, Somehow the phone ate the other photos, but this station opens into an underground mall.

Not all stations are created equal, this work is found in Ebisuchou station (the one that leads to Den Den town)

And this pillar too, though I couldn’t make out what they were selling.


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