Boiled Tofu, the Arashiyama specialty

I am not really familiar with tofu, I only read so much about it as a vegetarian substitute to meat in some recipes, and the sweet wrapping of inarizushi (a type of sushi that consists of sushi rice in a thin sweet fried tofu bag, and is one of my favorites).

But in Arashiyama, they have a specialty called (湯豆腐 = yudofu, Literally hot water tofu) which is a variety of boiled tofu with dipping soy and dashi sauce.

Tofu in steaming hot water on the right, sauce on the left.

Although bland in taste, the tofu was soft and warm (and so compelling to add cute :3 faces to)

The sauce gives the tofu flavor

Here is the final product, itadakimasu~






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