MUCC mini concert

How do you promote the final live of your tour? By making a mini free live for everyone to see your act. At least that’s what MUCC thought, when they decided to throw a free mini concert in Shinsaibashi. It still beats me why a band as old as MUCC, that many people know and love need to do this, maybe to gather new fans.

I like MUCC, and when I found out about this concert, I decided to go check it out. It wasn’t so far away, and the weather was good so I took a walk to the alleged triangle park.

Yes, it’s a small space, but it was packed, I could only take this pic when people have cleared out.

That panel that says MUCC rose like a curtain to reveal the band inside the first floor.

Now, The concert was so short, it only had four songs, I learned later that the police had stopped the show, because the crowd was threatening to security (Triangle park is so tight), so I don’t know how long it was intended to be. (I admit that I didn’t expect the MUCC fan base which is mostly girls my age or older to be this hardcore, complete with jumping, headbanging and a mosh pit in the back)

This is as good as I could get with the phone camera, but I really enjoyed myself.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the concert they were promoting, I was going to, until Kiyoharu decided that his concert was going to be on the same week, but that is a story for another day.

Here is MUCC’s latest single “World’s End” which is also the opening to the anime “Meganebu!


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