The Kobe Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are serious business in Japan, since the beginning of December, many places have started setting up their own lights, but the lights set up by the city are a whole different story. I admit that I haven’t seen the ones in Osaka yet (I think that the Umeda area needs some more of my attention) but my friends and I went to the ones in Kobe which are famous for their size. Known as the “Kobe Luminarie” (神戸ルミナリエ) they seem to attract people from all over Japan as well as foreigners.

Even the trees on the way are illuminated.

Then, the first arch appears.

Pretty tunnel of light, this was taken halfway through.

Last arc with a special design, then we go to the next display.

The second display.

The interior of the second display.

Detail from one of the panels.

There was also a raw of food stalls, surrounded by pretty but smaller lights, that my camera didn’t get well, but the whole thing was so pretty, huge and cheerful, accompanied by a lot of Christmas music during the whole display.

I found a small aerial view of the second display. to show big the thing is.

The weird thing though is that it was the police organizing everything, and although people were so crowded, there weren’t any problems (I wish I could say the same about the MUCC concert).


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