About Me~

Hello there, or maybe konnichiha~!

You can call me mochi, those little rice cakes, you know?

Mochi mochi mochi~ ^_^

So, I don’t really know much about this blogging matter. I’ve only had a blog once before and it wasn’t a good experience at all. So, I was really worried about approaching it again.

But A trip like this? it does require some blogging, or at least some photo posting. I’m not sure how long will I be keeping this thing running, but I think it all depends on what happens next.

The origins:

So the thing started when I decided I wanted to study 3D modelling and animation from the masters. It was then that I discovered that I had to learn lots and lots of Japanese, and the only option I had was to take it somewhere other than my city since my city only offers the level of N5 (Which I already attended) and I needed N2 to be able to do anything.

So, I decided to take the shortest (albeit more expensive) route of learning Japanese in Japan, and here I am.

The process:

I ended up applying to one of the schools in Osaka (Not sure I want to say which) and got accepted. And after lots of hassles for the visa, that aren’t really worth a blog post, I got on a plane and got myself to Japan.


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